• Available in the JetBrains repository

    The plugin is available in the official JetBrains repository and can be downloaded by searching for 'SQL Android'.

    Premium features

    Some features require a payment to maintain the development and improvement of the plugin.

  • Free to use

    The basic functionality is free, except for some specific features, and can be used without limits on as many computers as you need.

    Not tested on animals

    This plugin has been developed and tested exhaustively to avoid as many bugs as possible.

  • Create database

    Add, clone or delete row

    Restore and update backup

    Edit insert


  • Edit cell

    Edit columns

    Basic script

    Filter row

    Compare databases


SQL Android is developed with the intention of improving the work of Android developers when managing, editing and viewing databases.

Currently we continue adding new features that facilitate and speed up the creation of apps.

Although we would like to offer all the features for free, some money is necessary for the web server and the time spent on the new features and the correction of errors.

For that reason we greatly appreciate that you give what you consider appropriate, in return we will continue to improve the plugin for you.



Get the premium features

Make al least 25$/€ donation and get all premium features like backups, save scripts, clone rows or alter table. It will give you access to lifetime updates.